Bodycount takes inspiration from Black

Back in black

Stuart Black, creator of the popular Xbox and PS2 shooter Black, has been speaking about his latest project, Bodycount.

In an interview with The Guardian, Black has been speaking about how he wants to bring back the kind of FPS experience that he built with Black.

Black said: "I've seen the influence of Black in other stuff, but there's a very particular style, a particular feel to it. I thought, the only person who can deliver that kind of feel is me - because I found it in the first place. It's not just me of course; other people made huge contributions, but a lot of them are here now as well."

While he wants to recreate the experience he was careful to say that he didn't just want to make Black 2.

"I didn't want to occupy the same IP space anyway," Black continues. "I realised that the secret shadowy dangerous world expressed in Black - that kind of post-9/11 thing that became popular with 24 and other shows - that's tens years ago! Things have moved on, the times are different, people are looking for different things. I'm different!"

Bodycount is currently in development at Codemasters for PS3, Xbox 360 and PC.

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