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PS3 loses resolution for 3D


Sony's Liverpool Studio has confirmed that the PS3 will only render 3D games at 720p, and not 1080p.

Studio Liverpool's Simon Benson spoke to Digital Foundry about converting Wipeout HD from 1080p HD to 3D.

He said: "WipEout HD was originally 1080p at 60Hz - obviously a good foundation to start from but in making the 3D build of this we had to go for two 720p images."

"Because it was 60Hz we could just drop to 30Hz and in actual fact that was it," Benson added. "There was no more work to do. That worked. It took very little time getting the game into 3D; there were very few problems with WipEout."

This confirms the comments made by Ninja Theory's Tameem Antoniades earlier this month that the PS3 was not powerful enough to render 3D in full 1080p.

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