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PS Move 'incredibly accurate'

Scottish studio excited about the Move

Cohort Studios in Dundee have been hard at work on motion sensitive titles, and their CEO has been talking about their experiences.

Lol Scragg, CEO of Cohort Studios has told Develop just how impressed they all are with PlayStation Move.

Scragg said: "The PlayStation Move is a great piece of hardware. It has a fantastic feel to it and it's incredibly accurate. We've had no issues with it, and the hardware and the libraries have come on well."

Scragg also spoke of the differences between the Move and the similar control system used by the Wii.

Scragg added: "Having used both controllers a lot, I'd say it was clear that the Move controller is so much more accurate [than the Wii]. And it's not just across the X and Y-axis either, the Z axis is really accurate as well."

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