Denki Games bouncing back

Dundee outfit promise something new really soon

After the sad news over Easter weekend that Denki Games were being forced to lay off all but six members of staff, Colin Anderson (Studio MD) has made a very positive announcement.

He posted on the Denki blog that they are working on a small project that they will announce later this week to 'give something back' for the overwhelming support they have received.

Anderson wrote: "We've been working on it tirelessly in between everything else over the last few weeks, and we'll be ready to release the results very soon. It's nothing too big, but it is special - just a little something to help get everyone who'll be staying at Denki back in the saddle."

"What is it we've made?" Anderson added. "Well... I'm sure it won't be too hard to guess. It's nothing new, but it is something we've been asked for repeatedly over the last few years and never got around to. But all this disruption seemed like a perfect opportunity. Tune in to the Denki blog over this coming week and all will be revealed."

We're looking forward to finding out what it is.

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