Jagex announces Runefest 2010

Biggest ever Runescape player event announced

Jagex has announced plans for Runefest 2010, the biggest ever player event for the Runescape community.

Runefest 2010 is set for Saturday the 28th of August at 'a very exciting central London venue' and will allow fans to celebrate Runescape and join in in some real-world Runescape activities.

Jagex CEO, Mark Gerhard said: "The team is absolutely electric with enthusiasm for this event, we've always wanted to do a fan celebration for our players but crucially not just any old player convention - we insisted that it would be something that was not only different from tired conventions, but an intimate, memorable and naturally incredibly fun, festive fan celebration. This is certainly going to be a landmark event and one of the best parties we've ever had. The team and I are really excited about meeting and celebrating our biggest fans namely our epic community, we have also got a few surprises up our sleeve that I'm certain our players will love."

Tickets will be available later this month and fans are invited to register as soon as possible for the pre-sale tickets which will be available 24 hours before the main sale.

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