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Turbine go West


Turbine Entertainment (of the Asheron's Call fame), today announced the launch of a brand new West Coast studio, centred in Santa Monica, California. In opening this new base, the developer hopes to further expand its relations with the plethora of publishers and other gaming firms based in the region, as well as exploring Asia-Pacific expansion opportunities.

Development work on some of Turbine's biggest brands may also be carried out at the new facility, with the likes of Asheron's Call 2, The Lord of the Rings and Dungeons and Dragons all benefiting from this growth. Former Atari executive Jason Bell has been installed as Turbine's new executive vice president, and will oversee activity in Santa Monica.

"The time was right for Turbine to open a new studio on the West Coast," commented CEO Jeffrey Anderson. "The online entertainment industry is a truly global phenomenon. This expansion will afford us better access to West Coast partners as well as Asia, providing Turbine with a tremendous strategic advantage."

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