Brink: Move from PC to consoles challenge

Splash Damage discuss project

Splash Damage's Richard Ham has been speaking about the challenges they faced in developing their first multi-platform title, Brink.

Brink is the first time that Splash Damage, who have always been committed to PC development, have worked on a multi-format title and Ham believes it is shaping up quite nicely.

Ham told a Skewed and Reviewed interviewer: "It's been a big challenge transitioning from a PC-only developer (we did Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory and the PC version of Enemy Territory: QUAKE Wars) to a developer working on PS3, Xbox and PC at the same time. And I'd have to say our biggest success is achieving this goal. Right now, all three platforms are running great and it's hard to tell at a glance the difference between the three, until you look at the player's hands to see how he's controlling the game!"

Although Bethesda haven't confirmed a release date for Brink yet it is believed to be due out on PS3. Xbox 360 and PC sometime in the autumn.

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