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Poor sales signal PSP death knell

Good as dead

March was an abysmal month for PSP with low sales in the US confirming the handheld's slow decline amidst a tidal wave of interest in iPhone and iPod touch, as well as Nintendo DSi.

Gamasutra provides analysis of US sales figures, which highlights just how dismal the prospects are for Sony's portable.

Only 119,900 PSP units were sold in March. That's pathetic in comparison to Nintendo DSi XL which managed 141,000--in 4 days. The bulkier, more expensive handheld somehow racked up more sales in 4 days at the end of March and PSP could during the entire month.

This is just the latest in a long line of bad news for PSP that should prompt Sony into action: either let PSP go gently into that good night or release a successor soon.

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