Crytek unsure over demos

No taster of Crysis 2, then?

Crysis 2 developer Crytek could opt not to offer gamers a pre-launch taster of their new game, one senior executive claiming that demos are a "luxury" and very "expensive" to create.

"A free demo is a luxury we have in the game industry that we don't have in other industries such as film," boss Cevat Yerli told Develop. "Because we've had this free luxury for so long, now there are plans to change this people are complaining about it. The reality is that we might not see any free game demos in the long term."

Yerli wouldn't be drawn into revealing whether we can expect a Crysis 2 demo, the chief stating that no decision has been made.

"Whether we do have a demo or not, do I think companies need to release so many demos? I think that we'll see more and more games not carrying a demo in the future, because it becomes prohibitively expensive," he concludes.

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