Yerli: Build in story from the start or become obsolete

Crytek CEO critical of their previous titles

Cervat Yerli, CEO of Crytek has been talking about the learning curve they have experienced on building narrative into games.

The Crytek chief told VG247 that games that do not incorporate the narrative into the creative process from the very beginning are doomed to obsolescence.

Yerli said: "For me, I think, after this game and other games doing similar things, games where narration or writing or novels are not part of it from the outset, those games are going to be obsolete, I believe. I'm quite convinced about that."

This point came from the studio's own experiences developing Far Cry and Crysis.

"With Far Cry, we just slapped the story on later after we'd done the game," Yerli added. "We just finished the game and said, 'What's the journey? Well, let's see; what do you do here?' We put it in afterwards. In Crysis, we wrote the story, but we had, like, 25 cast and whatnot. The screen-time alone is not enough to build any character whatsoever."

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