Ninja Theory doing Devil May Cry 5?

Capcom farming out classic series

Since Ninja Theory confirmed that they have another project in the works aside from their new PS3 and 360 title Enslaved, gamers have been wondering what that title is.

Rumours are surfacing that this secret second title is in fact the next Devil May Cry game.

May's issue of Game Informer reports: "Loose Talk has learned that Enslaved isn't the only game Ninja Theory is working on-we've heard that the Cambridge, England developer is being tapped for the next Devil May Cry."

As far as Capcom goes this would fit their strategy of only entrusting well-established IPs to Western developers. The thought of the Heavenly Sword dev tackling the Devil May Cry franchise is indeed an intriguing one.

We'll keep you posted on this one.

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