Bulletstorm features a drunk pirate

Yo ho

A drunken space pirate, extraterrestrial enemies, and loads of guns - the next game from Gears of War creators Epic Games and People Can Fly puts you in the middle of a Bulletstorm.

The cover story of the latest Game Informer highlights the new game, which bears similarities to Epic Games's Gears of War franchise.

Those mutant aliens look a lot like Locust troops. Both games even cast you in the role of a convict. Protagonist Grayson Hunt wanders the galaxy as a pirate after having served as an elite soldier. Marcus Fenix kicks off Gears of War by leaving prison.

To be completely fair, the Bulletstorm cover is bathed in bright sunlight and therefore totally different from the dank, dark Gears of War. That and the supposedly over-the-top gun-slinging action should be enough to warrant interest.

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