Karaoke Stage dated

Take to the Stage and disgrace yourself, soon

A new official press release from Konami this morning reveals that Karaoke Stage for the PS2 will launch in May, and will utilise a USB-compatible microphone and voice-recognition technology to turn our living rooms into a "concert stage", which sounds a little like a nightmare to me - but we're guessing it'll prove outlandishly popular to the masses, just like Konami's excellent Dancing Stage titles have.

The game will judge a budding star's talents by assessing rhythm and pitch, and a user-created on-screen avatar will dance to tracks while the lyrics scroll-along the base of the screen. Like Dancing Stage, the crowd will also begin to lose interest if you're singing turns out to be woeful, and we're promised several Karaoke classics as well as tunes from the likes of Avril Levigne and REM.

More as we get it.

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