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Alan Wake not serialised in DLC

Sequel will be a full game

Remedy has promised that the future of Alan Wake does not lie in DLC.

The Scandinavian outfit's head of franchise development, Oskari Hakkinen, has been elaborating on the game's DLC and what the future holds for the unfortunate author in an interview with Edge magazine.

Hakkinen said: "We've always thought of Alan wake as being bigger than just one game. So when you get Alan wake in your hands you can think of this as season one. We'll have a satisfactory and conclusive ending, but we'll leave some doors open: we've planned for a bigger story arc."

He added on the topic of DLC: "We've thought of DLC, which will be more of a bridge between season one and season two, should this first part be a success. You can think of the DLC as a Christmas special, something that will give you a different perspective on the stuff you've seen in season one.

This makes Alan Wake seem an intriguing prospect indeed. Alan Wake will reach our stores for Xbox 360 on May 21st.

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