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GTA: Chinatown Wars hit by piracy

Ultimate crime game series becomes a victim

It seems a tad ironic to talk about the GTA series as being a victim of crime but that's exactly what Take Two CEO Ben Feder has been saying.

Apparently GTA: Chinatown Wars has fallen victim to the notorious R4 card and as a result has not performed nearly as well as was anticipated.

Feder told MCV: "The handheld market is currently challenged by weak demand and by piracy. Piracy is a real and present danger for our industry and must be addressed, especially in the handheld market. The commercial performance of Chinatown Wars has certainly suffered at the hands of piracy."

Chinatown Wars still managed some success though as Feder claimed: "As of February 2010, Chinatown Wars' unit sales in the US represented nearly 50 per cent of the unit sales of all M-rated DS titles in the history of the platform."

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