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Fable III all about 'power and touch', not farting

Flatulence helped sell Fables I and II

It's not hard to get a good sound bite from Peter Molyneux. Just approach him with a press pass and a dictaphone and he'll wax lyrical about whatever title he is working on at the minute.

Mr Molyneux has been giving out some real gems about Fable III in his latest interview with Edge magazine, too.

In describing Fable III, Molyneux said: "What Fable III is for me is making you feel powerful."

"It's all about getting people to believe in you and follow you, and making promises necessary so they will follow you," Molyneux explains. "Then you take on the bad guy, Logan, overthrowing the evil tyrant king and become king yourself. And that's the halfway point of the game."

The game has moved on from the old expression system to a new 'touch' dynamic. Molyneux explains the shift: "To be honest, expressions in Fable and Fable II was about farting, let's be honest. And people loved it, especially English people, who love a good fart joke."

He continues: "The new mechanic is called 'touch', and I'll be completely honest, it was inspired by Ico. When you use the right trigger, the most applicable thing happens to the thing you are facing. I'll tell my daughter off because she's been naughty and ran away from home. But now he's really upset so if I use the right trigger again I'll comfort her. How does this make you feel? This is my daughter. I can hug her, I can throw her, make her happy. It's all about that touch mechanic."

Intrigued? So are we. Fable III is due out on Xbox 360 towards the end of this year.

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