Visceral shows of 12 minutes of Battlefield: Hardline's single player

Stealth and non-lethal gameplay options are available

EA has shown off the first bit of single-player gameplay at their press conference at this year's Gamescom.

There has been plenty of hints on the kind of approach that Visceral has taken for the single-player in Battlefield: Hardline with loads of influences from cop TV shows and movies. It all has a very distinct Michael Mann feeling to it.

There's 12 minutes of gameplay in all featuring a villain that just loves to rant (sound familiar). His character also seems to bear quite a resemblance to the late JT Walsh who played more than a few nasty characters in his time.

One of the main features they emphasized in the gameplay demo is that a lot of the game can be played with stealth and non-lethal means employing the handy throw a rock distraction ability that they've borrowed from Far Cry 3. Players can also flash their badge to make enemies drop their weapons son they can be cuffed and taken out of the actiion. And, of course, there's a tazer.

Battlefield: Hardline has been delayed until 2015 in order for Visceral to make sure the game is released in a much more playable condition than Battlefield 4 was.

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