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Blizzard offers Valentine gift

Lovingly crafted...

Embracing a day that celebrates love and its various charms has hardly been the staple food of videogames, but never the less the thoughtful young beaus at Blizzard have deemed us gamers all potential Valentines with their gift of a new Warcraft III map - launched on St Valentine's day (which was Saturday, in case you're letter box didn't give it away).

The new map weighs in at a paltry 124kb, and can be sought here, perfect for a spot of intimate warfare for two, I'm sure you'll agree.

Here's the official word on 'Heart to Heart': "An Orc warrior died here while protecting the woman he loved. Both their names have been forgotten, but the powerful magic of his sacrifice reshaped the land into a lasting tribute to her." Yes, its all gone heart-shaped. Lovely.

Its better than flowers and chocolates, any way, so why not join in the love?

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