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THQ consider big-budget Natal game

Sales the core for core idea

THQ vice president Danny Bilson has revealed that the publisher are currently mulling whether to develop at 40 million USD Natal game.

Before pushing ahead with the big budget title, however, THQ are going to wait and see how early sales of Natal fair. The new motion control system is set to hit the Xbox 360 this autumn.

"I have some concepts and some ideas that use Natal in a core game in a really, really cool way. But, I don't think the experience with the technology is there, I don't think the install base is there because the game I'm thinking about is a $30m/40m USD Natal game and the install base isn't there yet to support that," offers Bilson to CVG.

"The concept I have uses every corner of that tech and maybe in a couple of years we'll do it. So there's core potential there but on the creative side I'm absolutely focused on core so an idea I have for that, aside for the one that we have, is a big core game."

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