New Medal of Honor 'not' a BC2 clone

DICE insist on difference

The new Medal of Honor is definitely not a clone of Battlefield: Bad Company 2, BC developer DICE have assured.

Bad Company 2 has been with us for several weeks, and DICE are contributing the multiplayer mode to Medal of Honor, while EA LA work on the main bulk of the singleplayer experience.

Despite DICE's involvement in both games, however, we're assured that Medal of Honor's multiplayer mode won't be a copy of BC2's.

"It's just like if you went and saw one action move and then another one came out that year, you're not gonna say, 'Oh, I'm not going to go see that one.' If it was the same director, maybe you'd want to go see that other one even more," enthuses DICE's Gordon van Dyke.

Thanks IGN.

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