iPad: GPS and 3G internet combo has potential

Geographical Top Trumps anyone?

Telltale Games' Dave Grossman has been making some interesting observations on the technology incorporated into the iPad.

Speaking to GamesTM magazine, Grossman seemed very excited about the possibilities for combining the GPS and 3G capabilities of the iPad.

"The things I find most interesting about [the iPad] are the features it shares with the iPhone," said Grossman. "They're portable things with GPS and internet connectivity and it seems that there's untapped potential for cooperative geographical escapades. How many video games are there currently where you must adjust your physical location relative to the other players as part of the experience?"

Grossman was also excited about the interface being perfect for many of the titles that Telltale have already produced. Expect to see Sam and Max and Guybrush Threepwood making an appearance on the iPad at some point.

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