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War of Legends comes out of beta

The MMO RTS charge is on

Jagex's first foray into publishing, War of Legends, has successfully navigated the beta-testing phase and is now ready for action.

Without mentioning any exact numbers, the Runescape studio has been peasantly surprised at the number of players that have been signing up to play War of Legends.

Rob Smith, COO at Jagex Games Studio, elaborates: "We have been overwhelmed by the popularity of the War of Legends beta and we are extremely grateful to the fantastic community of beta testers who have made the game such a triumph."

He continues: "We have seen hundreds of thousands of players joining the game during the beta phase and we are delighted to see the community growing so quickly. With such a rich backstory, depth of content and unbeatable community support we are certain that War of Legends will continue to entice players to join the battle."

Just in case you're out of the loop, War of Legends is a browser-based free-to-play MMO RTS game in an ancient Chinese mythological setting. You can sign up for battle at the War of Legends website.

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