PS3 ascends Japanese hardware chart

PSP pushed into second

The PSP has finally succumbed to pressure from its big brother, and is no longer the best-selling hardware platform in Japan.

According to last week's figures, unleashed this morning, the PS3 is indeed Japan's best-selling piece of gaming hardware - selling over 50,000 units in the process.

The PSP clings onto second spot with just over 38,000 units sold, followed by the Wii with over 31,000 units shifted.

The DSi LL is fourth with over 20,000 handhelds shifted, followed by the standard DSi with over 14,000 sold.

Then there's the DS Lite with just shy of 4,000 in sales, the Xbox 360 with 2,400, the PS2 with 1,700 - the PSP Go last with a dreadful 1,400. Ouch.

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