Three new Kingdom Hearts games en route?

Tetsuya Nomura is a busy man....

Kingdom Hearts creator Tetsuya Nomura has been teasing Japanese fans wholesale about his plans for the series.

In an interview which features in the newly released 656-page limited edition strategy guide for Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep, Nomura hints at as many as three more titles in the series coming out in the next two years.

Nomura said: "About the next title, Kingdom Hearts 3 depends on Final Fantasy XIII Versus, but development of the next title is already underway. There are two titles other than Kingdom Hearts 3 in conception, and I think I'll release one within this year."

He continued: "As from next year, I want to put out a title with multiple main characters."

He was also quite emphatic about the main storyline not being a trilogy. Nomura added: "The series won't end in Kingdom Hearts 3, more like the conclusion of the Xehanort saga."


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