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Witcher 2 revealed as PC-only

Bed knobs and broomsticks

The sequel to CD Projekt's gritty role-playing game has been announced, though only as a PC release despite assumptions that PS3 and Xbox 360 versions would be revealed as well.

GameTrailers has the debut trailer for The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings, which outlines updated graphics, a new "mature" storyline, and a more dynamic combat system.

Firm details on gameplay are difficult to extract from the trailer, though it's visually enthralling and promises to continue the first game's saucy scenarios. In the video, leading man Geralt is shown skinny dipping with a red-head.

While a release date hasn't been announced, The Witcher 2 will be available for PC - don't be surprised if console versions are announced later.

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