Sagat dialled back for SSFIV

Entire game re-balanced

Super Street Fighter IV will have some of the series' overpowered characters toned down to make for more balanced gameplay.

The game's producer Yoshinori Ono has told Gamespot of the changes that SSFIV will see over Street Fighter IV.

On the subject of Sagat being overpowered, Ono said: "Although everyone talks about Sagat being too strong, I don't know any major tournament champion who uses Sagat. But I do admit the unique elements of characters are exploited at mid-level matches, and this has been readjusted in SSFIV."

"We have carried out tuning for all characters," he continued. "It has been a year and a half since the arcade release and almost a year since the console release. In this time span an unbelievable amount of research and study has been done on characters and tactics."

Ono finished very positively: "We are very surprised to the extensiveness of this, and many things we were not expecting were discovered as a result. However, for SSFIV I don't think anyone is too strong or too weak."

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