Games industry salaries surveyed

Earnings remain high

An interesting news report on examines a survey issued by Games Developer magazine, which takes a look at the average salaries earned by members of the games industry stateside. Predictably, the vast sums of money involved in developing and publishing new videogames has resulted in a salary structure increasingly governed by the demands of 'business'. All in all however, the survey paints a very rosy picture of prosperity, which isn't quite mirrored in the number of smaller developers closing-up shop, especially here in the UK.

Regardless of a tough commercial landscape however, programmers with little experience can still earn between $58,000 and $74,000 per year in the US, whilst a Producer with upwards of six years experience can take home a whopping $123,000 - nearly $40,000 more than a code monkey with similar miles on the clock.

Unsurprisingly, the survey also discovered that this is a male-dominated business where sexism still manifests itself, with female employees earning an average of 10-15% less than their males counterparts.

This information also demonstrates why game development is burgeoning in eastern Europe, India and China (as well as several other places), where labour is traditionally cheaper. Quite an interesting report, then, and it would be interesting to see whether games industry positions are quite so lucrative in the UK and Europe. Can anyone fill us in?

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