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Houser: Westerns tough to get right

But Rockstar is on the case

Dan Houser has been talking about the challenges of bringing the Wild West to life in a sandbox video game.

In an interview with GamesTM, Houser spoke about their upcoming title Red Dead Redemption and the trials and tribulations that have beset the game on it's journey to market.

He started by talking about previous efforts at making a western video game: "People were trying to do something that was fundamentally impossible."

The Rockstar supremo continues: "This project has been long, gruelling and enormously challenging for us, despite our massive experience at making open world games, the big team we have on the project, our strong technology base in RAGE and experience of making Red Dead Revolver."

Houser says that part of the challenge was down to the tools and the hardware that were available. He goes on: "There is simply no way someone could have made a game like this twelve months ago, let alone on previous generations of hardware."

Nevertheless Red Dead Redemption promises to be something very special indeed. "For the game to be fun and engaging and everything we hoped it could be, we had to include a huge range of classic western moments - stand-offs, duels, stagecoach fights, gunfights on trains, hold-ups, bounty hunting, and so on," Houser adds. "This is the strength of the game, but doing this in a seamless way in a massive open world was a huge challenge."

Rockstar's western epic is set for release in Europe on May 21st for Xbox 360 and PS3.

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