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God of War III not violent for the sake of it

Kratos goes closer to the edge than ever before

Sony Santa Monica has been working overtime to make sure that whilst God of War III is exceptionally violent none of it is gratuitous.

In an interview with Gamasutra God of War III's senior producer Steve Caterson spoke of how they tried to maintain a delicate balance in Kratos' latest outing.

Caterson explained: "The violence question is something we always take very seriously, and we recognize the controversy involved in those works and decisions. I think we tried very hard to follow one of our key guidelines that was set out when we were making God of War, and that was, 'Don't do anything that doesn't fit the character.'"

"Anything that relates to the character, as the situation evolves the character and pushes the character forward -- those kinds of things you need to do and should not be shied away from," he said emphatically.

Caterson continued: "Don't do anything just to be sensationalist. Don't do anything just to be controversial. There should be a purpose and a reason for the actions and the depictions shown on-screen."

In fact there were some things that they felt were not right for Kratos in the end and were cut. He added: "There are a few things we actually pulled back on."

God of War III hits the UK this Friday on PS3 only.

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