Rebellion axing rumours prove true

UK dev close the studio that created Lara Croft

Rebellion has confirmed that they will be closing their Derby studio and will be shedding a few jobs in Oxford as well.

The Derby studios were Core Design, the creators of the Tomb Raider series and were acquired from Eidos not long after the release of the ill-fated and somewhat presciently-named Tomb Raider: Angel of Darkness.

CEO Jason Kingsley told "Sadly we didn't find any solution other than closure for the Derby studio. At the same time as we were considering the options for the Derby studio, we were also looking at our staff needs in Oxford, given shifting business models and opportunities".

He added: "We've have good results over the last year working with outsourcing partners and this has resulted in a small handful of junior roles in the Oxford office no longer being needed."

He did end on a happier note adding: "We have two unannounced titles at different stages of development with publishers, and we're working on our own IPs. We hope to be making announcements about these soon."

More on Rebellion's mystery titles when we have it.

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