Splinter Cell demo coming very soon

Sam Fisher gets a head start

Ubisoft have decided to give fans an early taster of what to expect from Splinter Cell: Conviction in the form of a demo.

Sam Fisher's long awaited return is due in April but Xbox 360 owners will have the chance to get their hands on a snippet of the finished game on Xbox Live Marketplace from March 18th.

Ubisoft's Tony Key says: "Splinter Cell was the franchise that defined third person action adventure games on the Xbox and we believe that Conviction will revolutionize the genre on Xbox 360. We are thrilled gamers will be able to get a little taste of why we are so excited about Conviction's release in April."

Splinter Cell: Conviction is due out in North America on April 13th and April 16th in Europe for PC and Xbox 360.

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