Killzone 3 to tackle Gears 3?

Surely not?

With all the rumours flying around that Gears of War 3 is to be expected on April 8th, 2011, Sony have decided that they will not be upstaged.

Accompanying the Gears 3 rumour is one that Killzone 3 will also be released in April 2011, two years after Killzone 2 blasted its way onto PS3.

The rumours surfacing on 1UP are contrary to the information that we received from a source inside Sony saying that Killzone 3 is destined for a Christmas release.

Given that both Move and GT5 have been strategically delayed to throw sizeable spanners into Microsoft's plans for the festive period, Killzone 3 coming out alongside Gears 3 is not unrealistic.

We are expecting more on Killzone 3 at E3 this year especially with our sources telling us that it is 3D and Move-enabled. This might be a show-stopper.

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