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Sega jumps the gun with Yakuza 5

Quick to the trigger

With Yakuza 4 yet to be released - the game appears on shelves later this week - Sega is already teasing a follow up without waiting to see how the game sells.

Andriasang interpreted a story posted by Famitsu that describes vague references to a Yakuza sequel issued by Sega.

Entitled "Project K," the game apparently continues the story of Yakuza's protagonist. The end of the teaser trailer shown by Sega quips, "A new challenge for Ryu ga Gotoku starts."

While it's admirable that Sega is supporting the series, perhaps it would be prudent to wait and see how Yakuza 4 performs before committing to a big sequel.

A similar situation has been noted with another Sega game, Alpha Protocol, in which developer Obsidian Entertainment claimed interest in a sequel ahead of the game's summer release.

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