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Sony: Move will sell PS3s

Sony confident in their hardware...

Sony are brimming with confidence over their new Move motion controller.

The head of Sony Worldwide Studios Europe, Michael Denny, has been telling about how Move fits into their plans.

Denny was excited about the possibilities for Move saying: "If you look at where we are with PlayStation 3, and where we can get to, this new system that has genuine new appeal in both vision technology and motion technology - and the experiences it can bring - I think it really will not just attract new audiences to PlayStation, but re-excite some of the existing PlayStation fans in the experiences we can give them."

Denny was also very eager to point out that Move would do as much for existing PS3 owners as it would in attracting new audiences to the machine.

"It's going to do absolutely both of those things. If you've already got a PlayStation then it's a great additive experience. It can add to existing games, or existing franchises that people already know. We'll bring new IPs, new experiences for it - but as I said before, the stage we're at in the life cycle with PS3, it can help us broaden the audience now, as we'd expect to do at this time anyway," said Denny bristling with enthusiasm.

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