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Move could be used for StarCraft

RTS controls mooted for new PS3 motion controller

According to Sony US exec Anton Mikhailov, the new PS3 Move motion control system is so sensitive it would theoretically possible to control an RTS game like StarCraft with it.

Move was unveiled at GDC last Wednesday, and the big cheese reveals that his team actual got StarCraft working with Move - after some 'hackery'.

"We're excited about genres that have been typically detached from console, like RTS. All those genres require precise pointer control. This is something we have now on the PS3. Actually I hooked up this device through some hackery to a PC to play a bunch of games. I actually played Starcraft I could actually play, not just screw around but play," the Sony man told Digital Foundry.

"It's a testament to how robust this interface is for even the more hardcore game. It's so intuitive that some developers have hooked this up to Maya for modelling, and they actually prefer it over a mouse."

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