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Gran Turismo to use motion control

Both hands on the wheel

SOCOM 4 US Navy SEALs isn't the only big name Sony franchise to support PlayStation Move this autumn - Gran Turismo 5 purportedly leverages the motion controller set for high definition driving.

The official US PlayStation website displays a list of confirmed titles supporting PlayStation Move, among which is highly anticipated sequel Gran Turismo 5. Although the game hasn't been referenced in relation to PlayStation Move, its appearance on the product's web page makes it pretty official.

Considering the lack of details, it can only be assumed that the controller set will be utilised for driving with tilts and tips of the motion controller. Alternately, the game could use the sub-controller's analogue stick for steering and motion controller for shifting gears using a gesture that mimics the pulling of a lever.

More information and a likely hands-on with Gran Turismo 5 is expected in June during E3.

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