Greenberg unimpressed by PlayStation Move

Natal superior, hints chief

Speaking at GDC last week, Microsoft executive Aaron Greenberg has said that the PlayStation Move motion controller is no threat to the Xbox 360's Natal.

The big cheese points out that Natal remains the only controller-free solution, the Move being based on Wiimote-style 'wands'.

"Xbox 360 has a strong history of innovation: Halo, Xbox LIVE and instant-on 1080p HD. With each of these, we had our sights set on the future - and it paid off for us, the industry and Xbox 360 owners. We are doing it again with Project Natal on Xbox 360. We believe controller-free experiences are the future of gaming and entertainment," Greenberg told TheBitBag.

"Only Project Natal makes YOU the controller, putting you in the middle of the action and in complete control. Jump and your Avatar jumps. Speak and characters respond. Combined with Xbox LIVE, Project Natal will transform how you connect with your friends, family and entertainment - as only Xbox 360 can do."

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