No multiplayer for Deus Ex 3

Singleplayer all important

Speaking online this week with IGN, Deus Ex 3 director Jean-Francois Dugas has said that there will be no multiplayer mode in the game.

"No, Deus Ex: Human Revolution is a single-player game only. Being the first project out of the new Eidos Montreal studio, and staying true to the Deus Ex legacy, the development team wanted to focus purely on the single-player experience to ensure we delivered on that front," offers the designer.

The third Deus Ex seems to be taking its cues from the hugely popular first Deus Ex, rather than its less successful sequel - and this is likely to enthuse fans of the series.

The title will be set in a future vision of Detroit, and we're expecting more on this PS3, PC and Xbox 360 biggie at E3 in June.

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