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PS3 motion controller is 'Move'

Publishers, prices and more revealed at GDC

It isn't Arc, Circle or any of the other names linked to the PS3's much discussed motion control system, Sony telling GDC today that the controller is instead titled 'Move'.

As revealed by a European trademark spied earlier today (thanks VG247), Move will be the name given to the wand-based device, unveiled in San Francisco by Peter Dille.

Dille describes the controller as "fast, precise and accurate", and hints that Sony regard their platform as a progression from the Wii.

Fighting, table tennis and golf games were all demonstrated in the GDC presentation.

An autumn debut is planned and Sony will offer up Move alongside the PlayStation Eye as part of a bundle costing 100 USD.

Twenty games will hit Move this financial year, with 36 developers on-board, while a special Move add-on for the controller will work with SOCOM 4 - the new gizmo working with Move to handle the shooting part of the experience.

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