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Wii is a 'toy' - Will Wright

Designer unsure over best-selling platform

Despite the console having racked-up epic sales, veteran (Sims) designer Will Wright is still unsure over the device's gaming credentials, the exec describing the system as a 'toy'.

"I think the Wii is a very unique platform, and that's kind of its core value. That's why it's been so successful - because it's pretty clearly different than the Xbox or the PlayStation. I think the Wii provides very fun experiences for the most part, but it's kind of a different level of experience; it's not like these 40-hour involved RPG games as much as it is like these fun toys to pick up and start playing in five minutes," IndustryGamers were told by the game maker.

"And it's really fun with a group of people sitting around It really is more into what I would call the toy market, because most of the Wii games I've enjoyed felt more like toys than like games."

Your thoughts on the Wii, players?

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