Rock Band 3 promises 'revolution'

Harmonix confirm 'Holiday' debut

Speaking as GDC enters full-swing in San Francisco, Harmonix have confirmed that Rock Band 3 will be released in time for Christmas, and will 'revolutionise' the music genre.

The new music title has been an open secret for some time, but this is the first news we have on a winter release for the game.

"Harmonix is developing Rock Band 3 for worldwide release this holiday season! The game, which will be published by MTV Games and distributed by Electronic Arts, will innovate and revolutionize the music genre once again, just as Harmonix did with the original Rock Band, Rock Band 2 and The Beatles: Rock Band. Stay tuned for more details!" beams a message on the official Facebook page.

We'll have more Rock Band 3 news just as soon as we get it.

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