Black 2 was axed at EA

Designer reveals chopped FPS

With Codemasters' new FPS Bodycount now unveiled, designer Stuart Black has revealed that a much called-for Black sequel was in the works at EA Criterion, before being canned.

Black 2 was in the works at EA, but its cancellation prompted the designer's departure to Codemasters, where he heads the new Guildford studio currently working on Bodycount.

"I certainly did some preliminary pre-production work on Black 2 once we finished Black, the first three or four months. I moved on quite quickly after that," Black tells Gamespot.

"A lot of the guys on the team I'm working with here now carried on with that and did a lot of pre-production for about a year or so on Black [2], before that kind of bit the dust. So, I don't really have personal knowledge about how that all played out. But there seemed to be overall a kind of general lack of direction. I'd be surprised if they managed that again."

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