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Scribblenauts 2 pencilled in for fall

Sequel being penned

New levels, words, and improved controls are all on the list of improvements planned for a Scribblenauts sequel that Warner Bros. plans on publishing this autumn.

The latest cover of Nintendo Power as detailed by Go Nintendo reveals Scribblenauts 2 as coming to DS later this year. Beyond offering 120 new levels, the game purportedly introduces more than 10,000 words on top of the first game's massive dictionary.

A revised control scheme is a top priority for developer 5th Cell. The original was widely criticised for its imprecise touch controls that frequently resulted in mistakes.

Also expected is a level editor for crafting your own stages, though it's not clear if you will be able to share levels with other players online.

Scribblenauts 2 will be available this autumn for DS.

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