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Secret Insomniac game not Resistance 3

Speculation surrounds new projects at developer

Word on the street has it that Insomniac are hard at work on a top secret project, and that said game is not Resistance 3.

"Over the last couple of months, the burning question amongst all of our fans out there has been, 'what's going on?' As far as I can remember, this is the longest stretch of time without Insomniac having announced a future project, leaving many of you wondering what exactly we're up to in the walls of our Burbank and Durham studios," teased community manager James Stevenson.

"Unfortunately, this blog will not necessarily address your questions. If you're hoping that I will announce a future title here, you will be disappointed. That will not prevent me from telling you that we are busy working here on some really cool stuff that we can't wait to show you.

"More than one game" is said to be en route, although the title is not the long speculated 'surprise Sony sequel', Stevenson adding on Twitter that this "is not a game from Insomniac."

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