CryEngine 3 to support Stereoscopic 3D

Crysis 2 to be demoed in 3D

Crysis 2 is set to be shown off in glorious Stereoscopic 3D at this year's GDC in San Francisco.

As well as using the opportunity to show off Crysis 2 in 3D, Crytek are hoping to show just how powerful CyrEngine 3 is in a bid to license it out like the Unreal Engine.

Crytek's Carl Jones told NowGamer: "Over the past few years, S[tereoscopic]-3D technology has emerged as one of the key trends both in movies and games. With CryENGINE 3, developers will have the ability to create their content in 3D on all platforms. There are basically no longer any limits to a designer's creativity."

"After the successful introduction of CryEngine 3 at last year's GDC," added Jones. "We are really excited to show the latest version of our all-in-one game development solution this year in stereoscopic 3D."

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