Garriott still happy with Tabula Rasa

Lord British is pleased

Ultima creator and one-time astronaut Richard Garriott has been speaking about his recent track record.

In an interview with Garriott explained how he was still pleased with Tabula Rasa despite the game flopping miserably.

The self-styled Lord British said: "Just for the record with Tabula Rasa and other games: I have about a 50:50 hit/miss ratio with the publication of all my games."

Garriott continued: "Although Tabula Rasa didn't find a sufficiently big audience for NCsoft to wish to continue it, I'm actually still very pleased with a lot of the innovations we brought to bear on the game, and I think there's a lot of ways in which it succeeded to at least the design vision we were attempting."

He finished by admitting that it wasn't perhaps his best work: "In hindsight, even I would be critical of a wide swathe of things in Tabula Rasa, but that's no different to any others games I've done."

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