Ideas swirling for Final Fantasy XV

What about XVI?

Just days ahead of the release of Final Fantasy XIII and with many questions still waiting to be answered regarding online sequel Final Fantasy XIV, Square Enix is already looking forward to the 15th instalment in the massive franchise.

An interview with Final Fantasy XIII producer Yoshinori Kitase in the latest issue of Xbox World 360 lays out plans for the next single player game in the series.

"Weve got a few ideas for Final Fantasy XV lined up, but there is no singular aim for where we want the series to go. Final Fantasy can go in all directions, each one is very different from the last. The one thing we set out to do is to make sure we tell a story that hasnt been told before."

Just make sure to play through Final Fantasy XIII slowly because it'll surely be another 5-6 years before Final Fantasy XV sees the light of day.

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