Square Enix talk Final Fantasy VII remake

Unlikely, says Kitase

It has been discussed once, and new Square Enix's Yoshinori Kitase has been called upon to discuss it again - namely the chances of a Final Fantasy VII remake ever seeing the light of day.

Apparently, Square Enix might consider undertaking reviving this classic RPG - the definitive iteration of the long-running series - but only if the development time was to be less than a year.

"If it were possible that we had all the right facilities and the right environment to be able to make and prepare a Final Fantasy VII remake within a year, we'd very much like a go at it," Kitase is quoted by Kotaku as revealing.

"But even Final Fantasy XIII has taken over three and a half years to create. If we were to recreate Final Fantasy VII with the same level of graphical detail as you see in Final Fantasy XIII, we'd imagine that that would take as much as three or four times longer than the three and a half years it has taken to put this Final Fantasy together. So it's looking pretty unrealistic.

"But if any such situation came about, by any remote chance, then yes, we'd do it."

More on this as we get it.

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