Molyneux calls himself 'talentless'

Designer critical over past titles

Veteran game designer Peter Molyneux has described himself as a "talentless b**tard", in a slightly bizarre interview with CVG.

"There was this amazing moment when a piece of research came back [that showed us] more than half the people who played Fable II understood and used less than half the features in the game," the Lionhead boss offered in a new interview.

"And as soon as you see that you think: 'Oh my God. What a talentless b**tard I really am.'

"How can I have made a game in which people actually understood less than half of its mechanics? It's like making a film that makes people think: 'It looks quite cool. I don't know what the hell is going on, but it seems quite cool.' You know, that's just wrong."

More on Fable III and Molyneux soon.

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