Final Fantasy will 'never' become FPS

Square Enix designer plays down dumbing-down

Given the all-encompassing influence of the FPS genre, some have been noting of late that even traditional RPG games might one day move to a first-person perspective.

Final Fantasy XIII designer and writer Motomu Toriyama, however, says that it is highly unlikely this will ever happen - according to word from Kotaku this week.

"Final Fantasy as a series will probably never [adopt] a first person shooter style. The concepts the teams are always working with have the character always on screen and visually trying to make battles look exciting," Toriyama says.

"Maybe a third person shooter style would be a more realistic fit with the Final Fantasy series," he offers, adding that "The basic RPG functions are to go into towns, prepare for battle by going to shops, then go out in the field. In that sense, Final Fantasy XIII doesn't have towns or shops - it's more that players are thrown into a story, presented with different situations as they move forward in the field and keep progressing that way."

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